Aate Di Chidi (Punjabi)

Meet Dilip Singh (Sardar Sohi) an elderly man who left Punjab for a better life in Canada where, he now lives with his Son Vikram ( Amrit Maan), daughter in Law Eliza ( Neeru Bajwa) and grandson. Dilip reminisces about his life in Punjab, its rich culture, its ?punjabiat? togetherness and love. He wants his family to experience life in Punjab which he feels will help them remain connected to their roots. Eliza is concerned about his health and feels he is making a mistake by wanting to return to Punjab which she says has changed, for the worst. She feels that Dilip is chasing a dream and is looking for something that no longer exists: she feels their life in Canada is better. Despite their differing views and opinions of Punjab, the whole family return to Punjab: Dilip looking for the Punjab he left years ago and Eliza confident that she will be right in showing Dilip the changing face of Punjab which has not lost its charm.

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Vielen Dank für Ihre Bewertung!


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